Employer Services

Making Your Benefits Work for You and Your Employees

At Britton Benefit Services, LLC we are leading the third-party benefits industry by working hard to make employee benefits more affordable for you and your employees. As a third-party administrator, we negotiate with leading PPOs and other organizations to help you find the best program for your employees without sacrificing the bottom line. This creates a major cost savings that you can pass on to your employees.

In addition to the generous cost savings for you and your employees, we also offer a wide range of online services to help streamline and automate the benefit process for you and your employees. This means easier access to the benefit information you need and faster action on individual claims. By logging in to any of the services we provide, you can do the following:

  • Look up in-network providers through our list of PPOs
  • File insurance claims and review a claim’s status
  • Research which type of plan is best for you
  • Control your health care costs by selecting a PPO that’s actively competing for your business.

Request a free, no-obligation quote today, and learn how our completely customizable benefits solutions can work for you. To learn more about our company and to discover the benefits of third-party benefits administration, review our services or contact us today.