Control Health Care Costs

Manage Health Care Costs and Risk with Self-Funding

Self-funded insurance helps you save money by paying on a claim-by-claim basis, rather than paying a costly annual premium for services that your employees may never use. Stop-loss insurance helps you save money by protecting you from a catastrophic claim that you may not be prepared to pay for at once. In these two ways, we’re able to help you reduce risk and save money while providing excellent benefits for your employees. But there are other ways we can help you keep costs down.

Our team will work to continuously evaluate your plan, and we’ll share our findings with you. This way, we can work together to eliminate needless coverage and save your company even more money. We can also perform detailed risk assessments to determine your company’s risk for incurring future illness within the group of covered employees. This will give you the opportunity to make adjustments and better plan for the future. Take a look at the following links to discover even more ways we’re working to save you money while providing your employees with the coverage they need.

Other Cost-Saving Methods